Xclusive Bullies is a family owned & operated kennel located in South Florida. Through the selective infusion of some of the most renown bloodlines and prized pedigrees from around the world, health, temperament, structure, size and color are among the pinnacle composites that we strive to produce. Here at Xclusive, we are firm believers and active practitioners in the notion of quality taking precedence over quantity. Hence, the name Xclusive aligns with our underlying mission. Our dogs are not just simply pets, they are FAMILY. Here, they are raised as family amongst family and interact with our children on a daily basis. We regularly encourage and promote the social interaction of our dogs in hopes of mitigating many of the unwarranted and uneducated stereotypes which have been wrongfully attached to bully breeds. When it comes to the American Bully, confidence and discipline are absolute imperatives that should take precedence in upbringing. These traits can be effectuated through adequate socialization, affection and proper handling. As the American Bully is often accredited with acute intelligence, daily engagement and stimulation through activity are plausible outlets to grooming your four legged friend. With ownership comes responsibility. These gentle giants require nurturing, affection and care. With proper time and devotion, they are excellent companions, fearless protectors and world class animals. The best of all compiled into one!

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